Optical Fiber BNC Receiver

This is the easiest way to generate an electrical signal from a light signal. The fiber optic receiver tube fits on BNC connectors. A cable for 5VDC supply is led out. The receiver unit supports the error input of the PMG 02A, but works on all BNC inputs with a 5 V signal level.

Optical BNC receiver,, 5MBaud / 10 MBaud

Optical BNC receiver,, 5MBaud/10 Mbaud


Scope of delivery 5MBaud:

BNC-tube fiber optical receiver 5MBaud
Typ: BNC-HFBR2521-Receiver 5MB /5VDC

Scope of delivery 10MBaud:

BNC- tube fiber optical transmitter 10MBaud
Typ: BNC- HFBR2528-Receiver 10MB /5VDC

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