IGBT Drivers

We have been developing driver circuits for IGBT and MOSFET applications since 1989. Our drivers command semiconductors from low voltage level up to 6.5kV. Our fingerprint can be found in countless drivers for industrial and wind applications. Since 2006, modern HVDC stations are equipped with drivers based on our philosophy 'keep it simple'. Some of our drivers are used in military applications.

Partial-discharge-free auxiliary power supply and noise-immune signal handling form the base of our strategies. We implement reduction of power loss and safe turn-off at overload condition into your designs.

We are open for recently introduced digital approaches, but today we clearly identify advantages of our strategies, if benchmarking focuses reliability, cost, and lifecycle, as well as noise immunity.

Our drivers command planar IGBT chips as well as trench based silicon. We have solutions for reverse conducting IGBTs, JFETs and parallel operation of IGBT modules.

We offer a single channel 6.5kV platform for high power applications. Based on this, we provide an optimized solution for your application.

For half bridge configuration we offer optical adaptions that convert two single channel units into one half bridge driver that covers interlock, dead-time generation and error handling in hardware.

6,5kV Platform

Our family of drivers is based on one 6.5kV platform. We realize low cost & high reliable solutions for DC/DC supply and signal processing in the field of high power IGBT applications, combined with highest noise immunity and compact dimensions.

6.5kV Plattform	& 4.5kV Plattform

6.5kV Plattform & 4.5kV Plattform


Our drivers can easily be down-scaled and are ready for use in 6.5kV, 4.5kV, 3.3kV and 2.5kV systems. The 6.5kV version provides more than 60mm creepage distance. Inside the family creepage is reduced down to 40mm to respect compact dimensions with power supply included.

We strictly separate the boards into temperature sensitive sections (optical components and signal conditioning) and such that should be placed close to the IGBT gate. Gate resistors and gate circuit stay directly attached to the IGBT case. We perform type tests with cable lengths up to 500mm between IGBT case and driver logic. Driver front end boards are available for various IHM modules and press pack IGBTs.

Our base platform is optimized in terms of cost and provides basic functionality, only.

We also offer a more complex driver version that provides optimization of dynamic losses by cascaded driven output stages. Transient overvoltages are reduced, active clamping can be activated.

Our drivers provide options that can be set by the customer. Short pulse suppression, error handling and gate resistors are configurable on site.


Volume Production

Our platform enables our customers to quickly launch their high voltage IGBT application. We provide driver boards and consultancy to assist the customer in selecting the best choice of configuration. For quantities up to several hundred channels per year we supply 100% tested driver board sets.

We focus on hardware delivery, but - despite business models of some competitors - we are interested in design transfer at higher volumes. Customers that are familiar with printed circuit board assembly for high voltage applications benefit from a better usage of the value chain. The possibility to integrate our circuits into existing control boards optimizes compactness ad adds another value to the customer.

Even years after a design transfer we will be pleased to assist your projects.